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Every special occasion needs a soundtrack. Our song creation experience makes it simple to share your stories and memories while shaping your song’s overall sound. Each song is hand-crafted by a professional musician and completely inspired by you. Upload your photos and we’ll create a custom slideshow so you can see the lyrics come to life.

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Build your vision, hear it come to life, sync it to your photos and watch the emotions flow. Much more than just a personalized song.

Song creation experience

We’ll guide you through a few simple steps, gathering the needed info to ensure your song comes as close to your vision as possible. Choose your genre, vocalist type, mood and share all your fun stories and memories to help make the song truly yours.

Personal Story Homepage

Your Story Homepage is where your song resides post-delivery. Living on a personal URL unique to you, you can listen and download, read the lyrics, share on social media and learn more about the songwriter behind your masterpiece.

Personalized song from scratch

Every song we create is built from scratch based on your stories and selections during the song creation experience. The songwriter assigned to your project spends time weaving the given details into poetic lyrics, melodies and instrumentation that are sure to impress you and the lucky recipient alike.

How It Works

Redeem Your Experience

Once your purchase is made, you’ll be given the choice to start the song creation process immediately or we’ll send you an email with a link to begin any time you’re ready.

Song Creation Experience

Our Song Creation Experience makes it simple to provide your songwriter with details to shape your song. You begin by telling us who it’s for, the occasion and how you’d like them to react when they hear the song. Next you share your favorite stories, memories and additional details which provide the lyrical inspiration for the song. Finally you select the mood your song reflects, genre and vocalist type. Finish off the process by creating a custom URL for your Story Homepage.

Once completed, you’ll be taken to your Story Homepage where you can upload photos for a custom photo slideshow that we will create and deliver when your song is completed.

Analyze & Curate

This is where we work our magic. We receive your submission and our team uses your selections to hand-pick the best songwriter to create your song. When selecting the perfect songwriter, we take everything into consideration from the desired reaction and occasion to the genre and submission length.

Lyrics, Melodies & Instrumentation

Once your songwriter is selected, they use the details you provided to write the lyrics of your song. Next, they develop the melody and instrumentation before recording the music and vocals. When the song is finished being recorded, it’s mixed so it all fits together smoothly prior to being delivered to us.

You’ve Got Mail

Songfinch listens to every song for quality, verifies lyrics and approves it before delivering to your Story Homepage. Your Story Homepage will include the song to listen to and download, lyrics to follow along, sharing functions to easily send your song to friends and family and a section to learn about and connect with your songwriter.

Now it’s time to become a gift giving champion. Be prepared for smiles, happy tears and the pure look of amazement.


Photo Slideshow

Watch your lyrics come to life.

Pair your Song From Scratch with a photo slideshow and bring it a whole new dimension - it comes alive.

While we work our magic and create your personalized song from scratch, upload your favorite photos and we’ll put together a fresh photo slideshow for you. When your song is finished, we’ll sync it to your video and it will be ready for the big reveal.

meet the real mvps

Our Songwriting Community

The foundation of Songfinch lies in our diverse, curated community of professional musicians who all share a desire to make a difference with their music. Let’s be honest, we couldn’t deliver songs that sound like they should be radio hits while tugging on so many heartstrings if we didn’t have a group of amazing songwriters and musicians.

From coffee shop concerts to chart topping singles and millions of records sold, we work with musicians at all stages of their career. Our musicians treat music as their career and pour their heart into every song they create. This is what makes our songwriting community so incredible.

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"Most unique gift," "best gift ever," and "happy tears" are a few of the most common terms in our customers' reviews. Check out what our customers have to say about their personalized songs.

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