Give The Gift Of A Lifetime

With dozens of love-themed song foundations to choose from, creating a personalized song for someone special has never been easier. Simply select the vibe that fits your music taste and a vocal chorus that mirrors your hearts sentiments. The songwriter will make it yours by writing and recording lyrics inspired by your favorite stories and memories, creating the ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or to simply to say “I love you.”

PRICE: $99

Build your vision, hear it come to life and watch the emotions flow. Songfinch is so much more than just a personalized song.

Song creation experience

Browse our catalog and choose the perfect music, vocalist and chorus to act as the foundation of your song. Our song creation experience makes it simple to share stories, memories and details to inspire the lyrics and make it yours.

Personal Story Homepage

Your Story Homepage is where your song resides post-delivery. Living on a personal URL unique to you, you can listen and download, read the lyrics, share on social media and learn more about the songwriter behind your masterpiece.

Personalized song

Every song we create is inspired by those that order them. With so many song foundations to begin from and the ability to customize verses to your unique story, you’re sure to get a song that truly speaks to your heart.

How It Works

Redeem Your Experience

Once your purchase is made, you’ll be given the choice to start the song creation process immediately or we’ll send you an email with a link to begin any time you’re ready.

Browse & select your foundation

Browse through our song foundations and select one that speaks to your heart. Each option consists of an instrumental and a chorus, allowing you to select your artist and giving you a good idea of what your song will sound and feel like once completed.

An instrumental is the instruments or music and the chorus is the often catchy part of a song that repeats 2-3 times in between the verses.

Song creation experience

Once you’ve selected your foundation, it’s time to start building on it. Our song creation experience makes it easy to share your favorite memories, stories and feelings to help your songwriter shape your songs lyrics.

Immediately following, your Story Homepage will be created and your private URL will be emailed to you. This is where your song will live once complete.

Songwriting magic

Your selected songwriter uses your stories, feelings and memories to write your song’s lyrics. Next, they record the vocals of your two new verses and mix it so it all fits together smoothly before delivering to Songfinch.

You’ve got mail

Songfinch listens to every song and approves it before delivering to your Story Homepage. Your Story Homepage will include the song to listen to and download, lyrics, sharing functions and the ability to learn more about and connect with your songwriter.

Now it’s the time you’ve been waiting for - gifting your song. Be prepared for smiles, happy tears and the pure look of amazement.

Listen to our song foundations

With so many talented songwriters, we will keep fresh song foundations in rotation. They are available on a limited time basis with new songs being added regularly.

Let us explain

What is a song foundation?

Our song foundations make it easier than ever to create a personalized song. Learn more about their structure and where your personalized verses fit within them.

hear from our customers

"Most unique gift," "best gift ever," and "happy tears" are a few of the most common terms in our customer's reviews. Check out what our customers have to say about their personalized songs.

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