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Singer–Songwriter puts an emphasis on the rich storytelling in their lyricism, accompanied by acoustic melodies with strings and/or keys.

Hero (Alexandra)
You Were Made For Me
It's Yours To Build
Beside You
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Acoustic Pop

Acoustic Pop tends to embrace a blending of genres and instrumentation, but their catchy, light-hearted pop melodies remain at the heart of every song.

Welcome Home
Julie's Song
Thank My Mama
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Country originates in the southern states of the US. The songs are full of twang and the ability to tell good stories with catchy, fun choruses.

Two Of You
My Forever
Here's To Us
Tess, I Have Been Blessed
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Rap / Hip-Hop

Hip Hop features a well produced instrumental that can contain many different instruments, drums and other sounds with a couple verses and a catchy chorus rapped over it.

Roll Tide
Scott Kitun
Birdie In My Ear
Lucky Number 7
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Folk songs share similarities with the Singer-Songwriter genre but tend to be a bit more "gritty" by blending influences of country, blues, and bluegrass into a modern acoustic sound.

So Much, So Bad
Center Piece Of It All
Thankful For Your Life
Your Peace
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