Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized Song Questions

Why can’t I listen to my song before purchase?

All of our songs are made to order based on your selections, details and stories so there is no way to listen before it’s purchased because it is not created yet.

How long does it take to receive my song?

Once you complete your order, your song is created and delivered within 3-7 days. You have the ability to choose your exact delivery date in the cart. If it's after the date you selected and you haven't heard from us, please check your spam/junk email folders as our email most likely got caught in one of those. If not, please reach out to us here.

How is my song delivered to me?

You’ll get an email when your song is finished with your unique story page link. This is your webpage where you can listen to and download your song, read the lyrics, learn more about your artist, easily share your song and order add-ons. In the meantime, if you’d like to browse our add-ons, you can do so here.

What is the length and structure of your songs?

Our songs generally run 2:30-3:00 in length. Each song comes with 2 verses and a chorus. The typical structure is: verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, chorus. Sometimes artists will add a 2 line bridge in between the last two choruses but that depends on the artist, we do not require that from them.

Can I see drafts and make edits as my song is being made?

Our artists write, produce, record and mix their songs in the same session, so we are unable to offer back and forth feedback along the way. Rest assured that your song is created using your selections and all the information you provided, so chances are, you’re going to love it!

How are your personalized songs created?

Every song we create is based on our customer’s personalized details, submissions, and preferences. Multiple elements are used to create your personalized song to make it the best it can be based on the request and the artist. Every song request is carefully reviewed by our Music Supervision team and assigned to the perfect artist to bring your song to life. In some instances components of songs such as instrumentals, lyrics, and melodies may be re-purposed by the same artist. If this does occur it is always done with extreme care and attention to detail in order to facilitate the best possible song for the customer.

Can I pick my artist?

If you hear an artist on our site that you love, feel free to add a note letting us know when submitting and we will do our best to fulfill your request. If that artist is not available, we will send your opportunity with an artist with a similar style and sound.

Can I add more details to my submission after my song has been purchased?

Our process works very quickly to ensure we hit the 7 day deadline. Please make sure that your submission includes all details you would like us to know before we begin creating your song. We do not accept extra details once your song is in progress.

Can I make changes to my song after it’s finished?

Our goal is to have every song we deliver be more than you ever expected on the first pass and that happens nearly every time. If we misinterpreted a detail or pronounced something incorrectly, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to coordinate fixes with you and your artist at no cost to you.

However, we know how personal these songs are and think it’s vital to offer you the option to shape your song as you see fit so we do anything we can to ensure your end product is more than you hoped for. If there are some personal preference revisions that you are interested in making to your song, we offer those at additional fees to compensate the artist for their work. These revisions start at $25 and we’d be happy to get you a quote and work with you to make them once we deliver your song.

Some examples of personal preference revisions include:

  • Changing lines in the song when the original is accurate to your submission
  • If you provided incorrect details and need them changed
  • You changed your mind about including the recipient's names or occasion in the lyrics
  • Part of your song needs to be changed because you forgot to provide critical details
  • Wanting to change the selected genre/style or vocalist gender of the song
  • Wanting to add additional instrumentation to your song

Lastly, if you want more of your personal details added to your song, we offer the ability to add on additional verses which can be purchased via our add-on store. When adding to your cart, a pop-up box appears allowing you to provide an additional 3-4 details that your artist will be happy to work in for you.

Can I cancel my order after I complete my purchase?

With a 7 day delivery time, we have to work quickly to ensure that we deliver top quality songs on time. So when we receive your order, we review it, select your artist and send it off within minutes. If your song is in progress upon requesting to cancel, we are unable to issue a refund as we have to pay the artist for their work on your song whether it's complete or not. If we are able to cancel your order, refunds exclude a 25% service and processing fee.

Can I purchase an add-on product after my song is finished?

Of course you can. On your song page, there will be a link to your add-on store where you can browse all add-on products from CD and sheet music to teddy bears and extra verses. They are always available to add on to your song.

My song is set to be delivered today, where is it?

Songfinch artists are located all around the world and work in different timezones. All our personalized songs are delivered by midnight central standard time on the due date selected during your purchase. If you have a special occasion, we suggest requesting to receive it the day before to ensure you have it in advance as some of our artists deliver late on the due dates.

How can I get my personalized song on my device or streaming services?

We’ve put together a guide to help get your personalized Songfinch song on your mobile device or tablet. You can also add your personalized Songfinch song to your favorite streaming service as a local file and we’ve broken that down as well. Learn more:

General Questions

What currency are your prices in?

All prices on our website are in USD.

Do you offer songs in other languages?

At this time, we only offer songs in English. Feel free to sign up to our mailing list on the bottom of our site to stay up to date on new languages added in the future.

What can I do with the song?

You are granted a personal use license in perpetuity. This means you can use the song on any of your personal social media channels, use it in a personal video (wedding, slide show, etc.), share it with anyone you’d like and spread it around. As long as you are not making money from it, you are totally fine.

I wrote my own lyrics, can you record them into a song?

At this time, we are unable to turn your poems and lyrics into songs.

Can you remake a current famous and/or released song but change a few words or lines to personalize it?

No. Due to copyrights with existing music, we are unable to make any covers or re-record an existing song and change a few lines to personalize it.

Other questions?

Feel free to reach out to and we’ll be happy to help you out.