You’re My Hero

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My mom was born in Colombia, her mother left when she was a toddler and her father sent her and her sister to live with their grandparents for a time. When I was three years old, we all immigrated to the United States and settled down in Miami, Florida, along with the majority of my father’s immediate family. Unfortunately, the struggle of living in a new country and building a whole new life out of nothing was too much for my parent’s marriage and they divorced shortly after we moved. It was just the three of us for a long time after that, my mom, my sister and myself.

We struggled for money but never struggled for joy and happiness. She worked full time at a dry cleaners and my mom couldn't afford daycare so I'd go to the dry cleaners with her spending the days watching Disney movies and eating snacks from the 7-11 across the plaza. Our weekends were spent going to parks and the beach.

She kept up with her schooling while juggling two teenage daughters, a toddler, a full-time job, and graduated with a Bachelors by the time I was 15 and graduated with her Masters at the same time I graduated high school. And even throughout all of that, she was and is still an amazing, sassy, funny, loud Colombian mother.

My mom cried when she heard the song for the first time and even now, months later and with me living on my own, she says she still listens to it when she misses me. When I can't reach her but feel like I need her comfort, this song is always there and always makes me feel like she's with me. I'll never be able to top this gift and I don't think I'll ever be able to thank you enough.
Isa M.

Meet the Artist

Drew Tabor

Drew Tabor
Drew Tabor is a Canadian singer-songwriter, living in LA. Rising to prominence by posting covers on Youtube, she was quick to incorporate original music and establish herself as a talented songwriter, as well. Drew is best known for her honest, emotional lyrics and rich, soothing vocals. She has released 3 original EP's and her most recent project, "In The Garden" reached #11 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts. Currently, Drew is writing and producing new material to be released in the Summer of 2017.

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