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I was born about a week and a half early on her birthday so we share the same birthday and have always had a special connection because of this. Guess I've always liked parties since I crashed my very first one before I was even born. She is ferocious when it comes to her kids. Just because she didn't give birth to you doesn't mean you aren't her kid. My parents adopted my youngest sister and have taken in 40+ foster children from all over the world over the years.

Things haven't always been easy between my mom and I, perhaps because we are quite similar in many ways. She helped me through the hardest of times, even when I didn't want her help. She fought me to keep me from going down self-destructive paths, and I was not happy about it or with her, but now I realize what a sacrifice she was making.

She is the best example I ever could have hoped for. She is my coach. My mentor. My mom. She taught me to be fearless, to always care about those around me, to fight for and protect those who need help, and to always have love in your heart. Especially when times are tough, you are angry, can't seem to get along - that is when it is most important.

My mom has been my biggest champion, my greatest supporter, and has been there for me every step of the way. I've never been able to adequately convey my gratitude, until Songfinch came along. When I shared Hello Shannon's song with her, it was an incredible moment for both of us. She absolutely nailed it, and I think my mom truly understood just how grateful I am. All my thanks to Songfinch and Hello Shannonfor their incredible work to deliver a very special moment of our wedding. I promise...there was certainly no way I could have done it without you!
Michael S.

Meet the Artist

Hello Shannon

Hello Shannon
Shannon Camacho is a 28 year old singer and songwriter in Dallas, TX. Shannon is the lead singer and songwriter for the Indie / Alternative Pop band Hello Shannon, which is currently recording their full-length album set to release in 2017. Shannon has performed locally and regionally at venues such as The House of Blues, The Meyerson Symphony Center, and Bass Performance Hall. Shannon has also performed nationally and internationally in New Orleans, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Copenhagen.

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