Just Us Seven

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The five of us kids – Mike, Trish, Kelly, Lisa, Laurie – have so many wonderful memories of our parents. With 5 of us kids, we would argue over everything from who had to wash instead of dry the dishes to who got to sit in the backseat and not in the back-back seat of the station wagon. Mom would always have us pick a number. The first one to pick would usually win because her favorite number was 7 and she almost always picked that.

When we first moved into our house on Clayhill we slept in the family room in front of the fireplace, all 7 of us, I think because we didn't have heat in the house yet. Growing up we kids would come home from school and my mom would leave us a chore list on our fridge. She would always tell me she wanted me to clean our bathroom because "I did such a good job" That actually worked, her telling me that. Mom and Dad were always there to help us find our way.
We didn't have a lot of extra money when we were growing up, but I never knew it. We always seemed to have what we needed and wanted.

Thanks so much for making this such a special gift for them. It was such a BIG hit as a present to my wife's mom and dad.
Jesse O.

Meet the Artist


#JSJII is a musician’s musician in the truest sense. He plays the guitar, bass, keys and drums — and he writes, produces and performs his own music. Originally from Tennessee, he spent the beginning of his music career in Nashville where he honed his songwriting skills and learned his way around the production studio. New opportunities led him to Atlanta, GA and ultimately to Los Angeles where he lives today. His third self-produced album, entitled ‘30’, was released in 2016. The upbeat tempo of his music is both rhythmic and soulful. He is currently working on a new concept album set for release in late 2017.

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