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Our family is pretty big with four kids ranging in age from 16 to 20 plus our parents. Some families grow distant as families get bigger, but thanks to our parents, we were able to keep important family traditions alive. Whether it was helping us to grow up knowing God, establishing “Family Fun Night” for bonding, teaching us sports as well as how to be a good human. Our dad George is selfless, compassionate and adventurous. He has always had our best interests at heart.

Our dad did everything in his power to support us enthusiastically so that we knew how authentic his love was for his entire family. During sporting events, vacationing and travel, dad always made sure that he put us first by leading through example. We learned the value of family as he spent time with each of us both individual and within groups so that we always felt like he was behind us and cheering us on. On the field, at home, and in Church, Dad has been a beacon of hope and inspiration. Thank you dad, for everything you have done for us. Happy birthday and happy father’s day!

My teenage children wanted to give their dad something special. With the help of Rob from Songfinch, they created a uniquely personalized "Thank You Dad" themed song in just a few days. My husband loved it! Everything my children wanted in the song was included. We will be listening to it for many years!
Beth P.

Meet the Artist

Max Krumm

Max Krumm
Max Krumm is a singer and songwriter from western Germany. He has been making music since he started playing the guitar at the age of six and has written songs ever since. His music usually is quiet and humble, reaching for the listener’s heart and feelings to give them shelter and something to identify with.

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