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Mom has been the typical ‘Midwest homemaker mom’ our whole lives - thoughtful, selflessly dedicated, and beyond nurturing for the 3 of us. Things are now coming full circle because both of my sisters are now moms. It’s been an evolution to watch my sister's grow into wives and mothers, but awesome to be a part of the journey as a best friend and uncle. My sisters learned all their motherly techniques from our Mom, who continues to lend herself to the entire family selflessly.

Our favorite memories these days are hanging out in the kitchen of the parent's house "back home" in Michigan, having drinks, joking with Dad and brother in-laws, while the little ones all play around us. All the women in my family are very independent and strong-willed, but so dedicated to family and supporting loved ones. It's rare.

Meet the Artist

Will Evans

Will Evans
Will Evans has spent the last decade as the primary song writer, drummer, and front man for the roots rock outfit Barefoot Truth. Will recorded four full length albums and several EP’s of his original music with the band. Their most recent release, “Carry Us On”, debuted at #10 on the iTunes Rock Chart. With Barefoot Truth now on an extended hiatus, Will has opened a new chapter in his musical journey. His first solo release landed him in Entertainment Weekly as being right on target in the “Bullseye Of The Week” and warranted a #4 spot on the Northeast Billboards. Will’s entry into the Guitar Center sponsored “Search For The Next Great American Songwriter” also brought him national attention. Out of over 10,000 entrants, he was chosen as one of the nation’s top ten finalists.

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