What is Songfinch?

Music has always been one of the most emotive forms of communication, so naturally, when songs are personalized, their power has even greater potential.

Songfinch gives customers the opportunity to harness that power by transforming their favorite stories, memories and shared details into one-of-a-kind songs that make for unforgettable gifts.

The foundation of Songfinch lies in our diverse, curated community of professional songwriters who all share a desire to connect people in new ways and make a difference with their music. By utilizing this growing community of over 300 artists, Songfinch is able to offer a line of personalized music products aimed at dozens of gifting occasions.

The history

Over the course of nearly 50 years of combined music industry experience, our founding team has worked with some of the world’s largest brands, artists and performers. Whether creating global campaigns and commercial programing aimed at audiences of millions, or grinding it out on the road with a band in a van, we understand the subtleties within music that drive emotion and ignite special connections. Songfinch is the result of taking those learnings and packaging them up into what we believe is the world’s most personal gift.

Our mission

We live in a world where saying “I Love You” is more often than not said through an emoji or meme. Life has become fast and people have become a bit disconnected from genuine, heartfelt communication. We believe our product offers a new way to express your feelings and simply puts some much needed positive energy back into the universe.

Songwriters and musicians hold a special place in our heart. We’ve spent years connecting some of the most talented artists in the world with opportunities to put money in their pockets and reach millions of people. With Songfinch, we want to give them an opportunity to make money doing what they love while developing lifelong, special relationships with new fans around the world.