Every special occasion needs a soundtrack. We’ll use your favorite stories and memories to craft a one-of-a-kind song that makes a timeless gift.
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You’ve just discovered the best gift imaginable.

Are you ready to stop giving the same old gifts? Are you prepared to win the holidays and become a gift-giving champion? We’ve got your back.

Our roster, comprised of hundreds of professional songwriters, transform your favorite stories, memories and feelings into powerful, one-of-a-kind, radio-quality songs. Give a gift that does more than checks all the boxes - undeniably personal, memorable and something your loved ones can cherish forever.

Two ways to create your personalized song

Build from existing foundation
  • Browse and select a pre-made song foundation that fits your vibe, style and occasion
  • Share your stories and memories to help shape the lyrics of two personalized verses
  • Your songwriter adds two new verses to your selected song foundation making it yours
PRICE: $149$99
Start totally from scratch
  • Share your stories and memories to help shape the song’s lyrics and tone
  • Select your song’s mood, genre and vocalist type to shape the song’s style and sound
  • Songfinch hand-picks the perfect songwriter to record your one-of-a-kind song from scratch
PRICE: $299$249

Listen to our favorite song foundations

Here are a few of our favorite song foundations. With so many talented songwriters, we will keep fresh song foundations in rotation. They are available on a limited time basis with new songs being added regularly. Click the link below to listen to all our available song foundations that you can personalize.

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"Most unique gift," "best gift ever," and "happy tears" are a few of the most common terms in our customers' reviews. Check out what our customers have to say about their personalized songs.

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