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Start Your Song

Story by you. Song by us.

We craft an original song from your memories, experiences and feelings for you to share as a sincere and unique gift.

Everyone has a great song inside them, but few people can bring it to life on their own. In 7 days and for $200, a professional songwriter produces a one-of-a-kind, radio-quality song that finally gives voice to all your heart’s unsung sentiments.



Tell us the memories, moments and experiences of the person you want to surprise with a song.



The perfect songwriter creates a one-of-a-kind song that conveys everything you feel.



Share the song with your special someone and watch them fight back tears and laughs all at once.

Recent Stories

Just us seven Just Us Seven BY JEF JOSLIN

This seven-member family have shared so many adventures over the years, so the five siblings teamed up to give their mom and dad a gift that let them know how much they are loved by their children.
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Miracle Miracle BY KATIE STUMP

After three years of trying to give their first son a new little sibling, one man and his wife are now once again expecting parents, so he wanted to give her something that celebrated their new little miracle.
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Miracle 0:00
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This was the most special anniversary present I could have ever given my parents! Our artist perfectly captured everything I wanted to say and the song brought us all to tears when we listened to it.

Cara L. “30 Years”